French Fries

Created on 14 April 2020- Bijoy Babu

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French fries also known as just fries in various parts of the world. I guess the right word for french fries in India is Finger chips. Potato chips and potato fires overlap in terms of cooking and taste. 

French fries is basically potatoes cut into long strips and deep fried and served with salt sometimes with pepper and chilli. Few places French fries are served with mayonnaise

French Fries are now so common that they are served as starters and side dishes and we love them with our favourite KFC or burger

Same French fries you can make at home with ease and get the same crispy fries and enjoy. lets get started...

Step 1

Take some fresh potatoes, for better output use a mix of large, medium and small size potatoes. Peel the potatoes and cut them into large but thin strips. 

Organic Potatoes
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Step 2

Once your slices are ready then dip them into a bowl of cold water, you can use cubes over regular water if required. Allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes, After 30 minutes take the strips and dip them into a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes

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Step 3

After 10 minutes take off the potatoes and rinse them off the water properly. Use a cotton cloth and allow them to dry under a fan to ensure that the water is fully gone.

Now take a Pan and pour some oil for frying the potatoes.

Fry the potato for about 2 minutes only first and take them back to you dried cotton cloth

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Step 4

Take your Pan again and this time fry the potatoes till they are dark golden brown in colour, this type of frying twice helps to bring crispiness to the Fries. 

Your can fry them in full flame but if your are not sure of picking them up from the Pan in time then prefer in low mode

Do not add any salt or spices either while mixing or frying, we will do that once we are ready to serve

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Takeaway French Fries

Step 5

Your french fries are ready to serve, add salt to taste. you can add pepper or red chilli powder as per your taste buds.

Serve with Sauce or Chutney made at home...

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