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7 Day Keto Diet Plan - Diet for Weight Loss

Hello there.. Keto is a low carb diet and to some people may sound unrealistic considering the kind of food intake and calorie count.. So rule No.1 - Forget the word calories for 7 days

Things you will always need in these 7 days, so stock them up on a Sunday, Enjoy your regular meal on Sunday and get started from the following Monday

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1- Paneer

2- Veggies like carrots, broccoli, spring onion, spinach leaves and other green vegetables

3- Oats

4- Eggs

5- Chicken

6- Black tea or coffee- Avoid milk for these 7 days

7- Almonds

8- Butter and Mayonnaise

In the whole process you have to avoid all wheat based products like Roti, bread and rice

If you are Tea or coffee lover then have it without sugar and milk, there is no limit to the number of times you can have

You are free to use good amounts of butter and mayonnaise

In case you feel hungry which may not happen or bored then snack on Almonds and other dry fruits except Cashew nuts and peanuts in very limited quantity

Day 1 - Monday

Breakfast - Egg Half fry, take 3 eggs, use butter and fry the eggs only on one side, add salt and pepper, you can roast some corns also and have it along

Lunch - Take half kgs of chicken, clean, marinate it with little chilli powder, pepper powder, ginger garlic paste and fry on low flame in butter, enjoy the chicken with your favourite raw veggies like broccoli, carrot

Dinner - Paneer clear soup - Take a Pan, add 1 TSB of butter, add nicely chopped onions, carrots and beans

Fry the paneer on all 4 sides slowly in a different Pan

Add water slowly to the first pan, add pepper and salt, add the fry paneer now, spice up with fresh coriander leaves

Day 2 - Tuesday

Breakfast - Oats with honey, Add butter to the Pan, roast a small cup of oats, add nicely chopped dry fruits, add little honey and enjoy

Lunch - Mushroom egg Salad, Chop 100 gms of mushroom, add butter to the Pan and roast the mushrooms, add cabbage, carrot, spinach leaves and 1 boiled egg, add only salt or pepper and salt

Dinner - Egg Soup, - Take a Pan, add 1 TSB of butter, add nicely chopped onions

Add 2 raw eggs, add little water, salt and pepper to taste, dice up with freshly cut onions and capsicum

Day 3 - Wednesday

Breakfast - Boiled Eggs- Boil three eggs and have them with chilli powder and salt

Lunch - Sweet Potato, Chicken fry and scrambled egg- Feast....

Roast the chicken first in butter and then take off the chicken and roast the sweet potato and then in a different scramble the 1 egg in butter, Add mushroom and roasted beans (optional)

Dinner - Roasted Paneer- roast 100 gms of paneer with butter, add pepper salt and coriander leaves

Day 4 - Thursday

Breakfast - Roasted oats- Roast oats in butter, add chopped almonds, serve with fresh fruits like pineapple and berries

Lunch - Chicken Vegetable soup- Cook chicken in pressure cooker with 4 times the water. Take a pan and saute onion, cabbage and carrot, use a tea spoon on ginger garlic paste, add chillies and then finally add the chicken, use the water used to cook the chicken, add salt and pepper

Dinner - 3 eggs half fry or bulls eye eggs

Day 5 - Friday

Breakfast - Egg Half fry with nuts, Take a Pan, add butter, roast half a cup of corn flakes add almonds, add 2 eggs, add salt and pepper,

Lunch - Repeat as on Monday

Dinner - Thick Chicken soup

Cook nicely chopped chicken in pressure cooker with 3 times the water

Take a Pan, add 1 TSB of butter, add nicely chopped onions

Add water slowly to the first pan, add pepper and salt, add the boiled chicken, stir well, add broccoli and serve

Day 6 - Saturday

Breakfast - Paneer Spinach - Take a pan, add butter, add onion and spinach finely chopped, add a TSB ginger garlic paste, stir well

Fry panner all sides in butter

Add Paneer to the mix and serve with coriander leaves

Lunch - Chicken salad- Roast chicken first and then add some broccoli and onion and saute with butter

Add fresh veggies like carrot, broccoli and leaves

Dinner - Mushroom egg soup

Cook mushroom, add butter to pan fry the mushroom, add water, add spring onion, ginger, and garlic, add a boiled egg and serve with salt and pepper

Day 7 - Sunday - Final day and today is a feast day

Breakfast - Oats chicken combo - Boil chicken, use chicken water for the mix, roast oats in butter, add salt and pepper, add chicken with roast, enjoy with dry fruits

Lunch - Chicken Eggs Pizza - Take a pan, add butter, cook marinated chicken- For marination use ginger garlic paste, turmeric, and pepper and salt, cook for 30 minutes, add 3 raw eggs with yellow over the chicken, cook for another 5 minutes, dress with coriander leaves, nuts and serve

Dinner - Thick Chicken soup - Repeat as on Friday

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