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All at one place - Goa...

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Goa is a place where you once reach you want to forget the whole world and just live the moment. Every day every moment every place you visit is worth it.

Come to Goa to just chill, unwind, relax and repeat ...

friends having fun at the beach in Goa
Calangute Beach | Goa | India

Goa the place to Go..

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Goa is divided into two parts geographically. One South Goa and another North Goa. If you are looking at a peaceful weekend or holiday with your family then South Goa is the place to go, and if you are looking at real fun, games and some exciting moments with your friends then North Goa is the place to go

We reached Goa in Sep 30 2019, this time we were a gang of 10 people, due to lack of flight tickets availability we arrive here in 3 different flights. By 10.30 PM on Sep 30 is when we all assemble at Hotel Sodder's Renton Manor at Calangute - Anjuna Road

This is a decent hotel with a swimming pool in the middle, usually people with large teams come to stay here. Though mid sized rooms and not so fancy you have a hell of lot of rooms available in cluster here

Hotel at Goa | The Endless Roads
Picture Courtesy | Oyo Rooms

Swimming pool fun | The Endless Roads
Hotel Sodder"s Renton Manor

Day 1 we start with taking a dip at the swimming pool and head for the hotel breakfast straight in our wet clothes, The fun has already begun...

You get bike rentals easily in Goa for 300 too 500 rupees per day, First day we could not get them due to the sudden spurge of tourists so we took a bus to calangute Local bus travel is very easy to find and fun in Goa

The army of Innodesk group biking in Goa

Innodesk team meet at Goa | The Endless Roads
Bike on Rent | Goa | Tourism

Places to Visit in Goa

1 - Beaches, beaches and beaches

Yes, Goa is one place with the highest number of beaches in India, in less than a travel on 5- 10 kms you will find a new beach

The Endless Roads | Goa | Holidays | Travel | india
Beach | India

Baga beach and Calangute beach

Baga beach and Calangute are about 20 kms from the Goa airport and about 17 kms from the nearest railway station at Panaji

Both the beaches are near to each other and is the most visited beaches in Goa

This is also the place where you get most of the commercial activities like good Pubs and restaurants, water sports, tatoo centers, shopping & more

Both the beaches have good number of shacks to rest and relax

Other than the Baga and Calangute beach you have Anjuna beach, butterfly beach, Palolem beach, Arambol beach, Vagator beach.

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All together Goa has more than 60 small and big beaches and cannot be just covered in one to two visits

Thats why Goa has so much to offer that people come here again and again and has been the most sought after tourist destination for years

2 - Churches

Goa now under the Indian government was ruled by the Portuguese until it got its independence in 1961

This is the reason whey you find so many 17th century churches and buildings and colonies in Goa

There are more than 25 churches worth visiting in Goa

Two of the most famous are the Church of basilica of bom Jesus and Our lady of the Immaculate conception Church

Church in goa | The Endless Roads
Our lady of the Immaculate conception | Church | Goa

Goa Basilica church | The Endless Roads
Basilica of Bom Jesus Church | Goa

3 - Forts

There are about 10 forts in Goa. The most visited ones are the Aguada Fort and the Chapora fort

Chapora Fort is famous for the Bollywood movie Dil Chaahta Hai starring Aamir Khan and others

Its worth a note that there are a lot of bollywood movies are shot in Goa Rangeela, Josh were shot in Goa and in the recent years it has picked up a lot with movies like Golmaal and Singham and has become a favourite destination for Actors and Producers alike

There are a lot of Actors who own properties here in Goa - Business or Residential

5 - Nightlife

Goa | The Endless Roads | India | Travel | Holiday
Nightlife in Goa | The Endless Roads

You know already that Goa is the best place for holidays and party goers so is the nightlife in Goa

You have a lot of options to chose from themed parties, pubs, musical nights and you can also go for night shopping






5 - Water Sports

Goa | Travel | The Endless Roads
Parasailing | Goa | Watersports

There are variety of water sports you can chose to have like

Scuba diving

Banana Tube boat ride


Water Skiing

or if you just want to have a laid back experience then you can go for

boating or cruising

Goa...Fun unlimited...


Is it a good time to visit Goa in March or April

Yes, the best time to visit Goa is from Mid October to end of February but you can still visit Goa till the beginning of May

Is Goa safe at Night

Goa is a very tourist friendly state and is absolutely safe to go around in the night. In fact some of the night parties in Goa go upto 3.00 Am, But yes walking alone in the night one should be obviously careful be it for any city

Can I travel Alone to Goa

One can travel alone to Goa and there are hundreds of solo travellers from around the world visiting Goa

What should I be careful about

Goa is more or less a safe place but you have to be extra careful for your belongings when leaving it in your bike when going to the waters, there has been many instances of tourists losing their money bags including Passports

Why Is Liquor cheap in Goa

Goa is exempted from a lot of central taxes and the state government passes the benefit to encourage tourism hence not only liquor lot of things which fall in higher tax brackets are cheaper in Goa (Eg Petrol)

Is Goa Expensive

No in a way but a lot of depends on the place you stay and how you travel and where you shop in Goa. And if you are going in the peak season of 22 Dec to 3 Jan then Goa may prove to be really very expensive

Is helmet compulsory in Goa

Yes it is mandatory to wear helmets while driving a bike and triple riding is not allowed

Is Drink and drive allowed in Goa

Though there has been no instance of people being questioned for drink and drive in Goa. But legally drink and drive is an bailable offence in Goa too

Is Uber available in Goa

Uber and Ola are not operational in Goa currently but you can easily hire self drive cars and bikes in Goa

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