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Hyderabad to Suryalanka Beach to Kondapalli Fort

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Suryalanka Beach falls near Guntur of Andhra Pradesh. If you are looking at a quick beach and resort holiday near Hyderabad or Vijaywada then Suryalanka beach is the place to go. With more beaches to visit Chirala beach, Vodarevu beach and more the travel becomes all the more fulfilling...

Hi there. So Welcome to yet another post by me, This is Bijoy

We had a hectic schedule last month and post post sankranti we though of taking a quick break. So we started our journey to Suryalanka beach. This is my first visit here, though i was not sure of what is there in store for me because of the lack of proper feedback on the internet but for sure the place was a right choice.

We decided to drive through the night, With 2 drivers and only 6 hours to drive we thought its best to drive in the night, take some rest in the morning and this way you have a full day at your disposal to cover the area

The Distance from Hyderabad to Suryalanka beach is about 320 kms and you can reach there in little less than 6 hours of drive including all the dinner and tea breaks you take. In the morning it would take about 7 hours drive.

At Hyderabad we assembled at Marredpally and then took the route via Nagole on the Vijaywada highway

Route Hyderabd - Chityala - Gundrampalli - Nalgonda - Miryalguda - Narasaraopetta- Chirala town and then 5 kms from here to the Suryalanka beach

The highway is good except for few patches where some repair works were going on.

You really dont need to worry about fuel, you have a lot of petrol pumps on the highway most of them are open 24 x 7. I prefer using a Shell or Reliance petrol on the highway and hence had my tank full from the Shell petrol pump at Uppal, Hyderabad.

The route is mostly straight except at two points one near Nalgonda and another before entering Narasaraopetta via challagundla X roads

Car, Road trip, holiday, road drive, auto drive

This is the first time I took my new Hyundai Venue Automatic on a road trip, Though I prefer driving my ford on the road trips this time for a change and since the distance was not so long I thought of giving the Venue a proper test drive. The car did not disappoint and gave a very smooth drive and on obviously since you can drive both in manual and auto mode it helps driving very comfortable.

So its about 5.30 in the morning of 16th Jan 2020 we reach Suryalanka beach.

The Sun is just rising and the waves are less, More the heat waves better is the experience in a Sea beach

Suryalanka Beach in the morning
Suryalanka Beach

Suryalanka beach, Hyderabad to Suryalanka beach
Suryalanka beach in the morning, Sunrise at suryalanka beach

We give a quick visit to the beach and then head to finding a hotel room. To our surprise the rooms were all over booked. There was a beach festival held with lot of tourists pouring in, Had we known this earlier we had planned in the same dates. Nevertheless we managed a room at Hotel Lotus Pond at just 500 meters from the beach.

Resorts near suryalanka beach
Lotus Pond Resorts

We took a proper nap of about 3 hours and at about 10 am we set off to explore Suryalanka.

Before that there are other resorts and hotel where you can stay here. The list may be longer but I am covering the ones which are within 500 metres from the beach.

The most famous here is the Haritha Resort run by the state govt. They have rooms as well as private cottages. Its bang set up on the beach and you have easy access to the restaurant, a Bar and the beach side. I suggest you to pre book if you wish to stay here

Resorts near Suryalanka Beach, Resorts near chirala beach, Room stay
Haritha Resorts

Private cottage stay at beach, beach room hotel, room near suryalanka beach, hotel near suryalanka beach, hotel near chirala beach
Haritha Resort cottage stay

Other Places here is the Sunny resorts and a new upcoming one Inside the suryalanka nature interpretation centre.

Resort inside nature, enjoy stay with the beauty an calm of the nature
Suryalanka Nature Interpretation center

Resorts and hotel accommodation near Suryalanka Beach
Sunny Resort and Spa

Before heading to the beach we though of enjoying some sea fish delicacies here.

We at Hyderabad don't get to have sea food and are mostly dependent on river fish.

The local stall here showed us the option we could chose from and that too available in the choice of sizes. You dont have proper restaurants at suryalanka beach and food is catered mostly by the local stalls

Sea fish at suryalanka beach

After a good amount of waiting time we were served our food.

The taste was amazing with lot of spices. The fish were so thick and big that four of us could have our stomach full just with the fishes and no rice with it.

(#vacation #dream #summer)

Fish Fry

Bar and restaurant, fish, drinks, food at beach, suryalanka beach
Apollo Fish At Haritha Bar

Now with all tight bellies we finally jump into the sea. Though Suryalanka beach is not a highly advertised beach but you have good crowd here round the year.

The beach is in close proximity for both the Telengana and the Andhra Pradesh states hence weekends are usually busy

We have full 4-5 hours of fun in the beach.

There is also a bar on the shore where you can get your quick drinks but remember Suryalanka is not Goa, drinking on the shore is prohibited hence you need to cross a fence get a drink and then jump the fence back to the sea. :-)

Bizarre but true. There is a tower from which the security keeps warning you of the consequences you may face if you are found with a bottle of beer at the beach.

Though it sounds its important it sounds funny when you have these repeated sound of Police sirens followed by statutory announcements

How ever we had some real fun and we were so much into it that we forgot our lunch until by 4.00 PM we start feeling hungry but we had more places to cover and time was less. We head straight to the Chirala Beach. The distance is about 19 kms from suryalanka beach

You have good wide roads between the beaches and so much of the nature to enjoy.

We stopped for a few pictures and kept driving

Chirala beach is a comparatively less tourist friendly, not sure why but the water here is much cleaner than the water at suryalanka.

about 5 kms from here is the Vodarevu beach but this place is a starting point for fishermen to go fishing, they star work by about 5.00 Pm and continues till early morning

The kind of boat used for shipping, Vodarevu beach you can find hundreds of them on beach or in the sea

Fishing, sea fish, sea fishing, fishermen, fisherman
Fishing boat

We wind up 7 in the evening fully exhausted, we just took a shower a light dinner and straight to beds

Next day morning on 17th Jan 2020 we are late to get up and decide to check out, take a quick dip at the beach and drive back. We did as per plan but before leaving we sat down to enjoy the local Thali with fish curry

Thali with fish curry, food, local cuisine, meals
South India Thali

The food was really good and the quality of the rice is what we took notice off.

They use the famous guntur rice but we dont get the same quality at hyderabad.

Way back we took the Vijayawada - Hyderabad route to visit the Kondapalli Fort.

We reach here by about 6. PM and the gates close by 5.00 PM, after a lot of request the guard let us in after collecting extra fee :-)

The fort is about 6 kms from the main road towards a hill

You have to keep driving up and its a zig zag drive to ease the hill driving, I have seen similar roads only in Kerala last.

I would recommend to complete visit at this place before 5.00 PM. It can get risky in the night and you have no one to help in case of any unforeseen trouble coming your way.

Check the video below when we return from the fort to the city after its dark.

Kondapalli fort is believed to be built by the nayakas of the 14th century and the reddy dynasty had its control over its empire which spread from the current Andhra Pradesh and to upto the current Oddisha.

The fort changed hands to the mughals and then finally to the east india company when the Nizam sold the fort to them.

Forts in india, kondapalli fort, fort in andhra pradesh, fort visit near hyderabad
Kondapalli Fort Main Entrance

Though the historical site is not really well maintained currently but you still have a lot to walk and see, the majestic rooms, the prison area, the courtroom etc is worth the visit

You can get to see the entire city from the top of the fort, no wonder how the kings used to control their dynasty

City, kondapalli fort, vijayawada,
View of the city from the Kondapalli fort

After the fort visit we set of travel back to Hyderabad

On the way we could see the mighty krishna river, We could not take proper pictures here though since there is fast moving overbridge here and it is difficult to stop for photography

After the fort visit we set of travel back to Hyderabad

On the way we could see the mighty krishna river, We could not take proper pictures here though since there is fast moving overbridge here and it is difficult to stop for photography

We reach city by 11.00 PM, the travel of about 3 days was really refreshing and we could explore much more than expected.

Eg Suryalanka beach is not one place where tourist or travel enthusiast have them in their bucket list but I assure its worth a visit

Let me know your feedback by posting on the comment section

See you, would come back with a new travel post soon.


Is there any beach in Hyderabad

Suryalanka beach is the most visited beach from Hyderabad. Other beaches like is Chirala beach, Bapatla beach, Ramapuram beach, Vodarevu beach all fall in and around the Guntur district

How far is suryalanka beach from Hyderabad

The distance from Hyderabad to Suryalanka beach is about 300 kms and can be covered in 6 to 7 hours of driving

Is Rishikonda beach near suryalanka

No Rishikonda or also known as Rushikonda beach falls in Vishakahapatnam (Vizag)

Is there an airport near Suryalanka Beach

The nearest airport with connectivity is Vijayawada airport, after you reach Vijayawada you have to travel for 3 hours about 90 kms to reach Suryalanka beach

Which is the best place to stay in Suryalanka Beach

There are plenty of hotels and resorts near Suryalanka beach, the best among them is the Haritha Beach Resort but ensure that you have advance bookings done

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