• Bijoy Babu

Ice Candy - Water Melon

Enjoy the mouth watering Water melon Candy this summer. Easy to prepare, healthy and refreshing Water Melon Ice Candy

Ingredients for making Water melon Ice Candy

Watermelon cut into small sizes, have used about 2 kgs here, sugar about 10 table spoon, 1 piece of chopped ginger and a pinch of salt

You can also add couple of Elahchi (optional Cardamom)

Step 1

Take a mixer or juicer mix all ingredients and make a regular juice

Filter the juice thoroughly so as to get pure watery part only

Use a candy maker or mould and pour the juice into them

Image Courtesy | Spar India

Deep freeze for about 4 hours and then dip the mould into warm water for a minute before you pull out the candy sticks

Pull them off gently and get refreshed, Taste is at least better then the candies which you from the shops


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