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Nilambur -Kerala to Hyderabad

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Kerala to Hyderabad- Road Trip

This was on the 13th of May 2019 I started my driving back from Kerala to Hyderabad, Since this was also a business trip I chose to stay put up in Bangalore for couple of days and hence took the Nilambur- Bandipur forest- Mysore- Bangalore - Hyderabad Road

The total distance is about 900 Kms and may take about 14-16 hours in as single stretch.

The best part is that the trip would take you through all the five states of South India.

You start from Kerala then you enter Tamil Nadu then Karnataka then Andhra Pradesh and then finally Telangana. Phew...

So if you have to claim that you covered 5 Indian states you can do it with just 900 Kms :-)

You can save time depending on how early you start in the morning.

I also recommend to start early if you wish to enjoy the nature and the green at the forest range in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Wile you start the roads are good but slowly you start entering the difficult roads. But there is lot of work the Kerala government is doing in bettering the roads and highways after the floods. I am sure by next year the roads would be much smoother and wider.

The picture here is the exact place where the Kerala state ends and Tamil Nadu Begins.

People usually stop here for a tea break while you can buy spices and sweets from the shops near by

This is place which can lead you to Calicut (Kozhikode now) in Kerala (a beautiful city known for its beaches and delicious food)

Another Road goes to #ooty while I take the Mysore Road going through Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and Bandipur Forests.

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You get the best view of the nature on this Road. Only issue is that the roads are narrow and it is banned to stop and take pictures. Ideally you need to take them while you slow down while driving.

This entire distance can be covered in about 2-3 hours and spotting Monkeys and Deer is common but if you get to see the Elephant is when you have the best thrill.

Pls dont get down your car to take pictures

Though both the forest range have paid Safari rides and you can get to see more wild animals

Border area between kerala and tamil nadu

This is the place where the Madumalai Tiger reserve area and Bandipur Reserve starts. Also a border point between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

The roads are comparatively smoother here when compared to Tamil Nadu.

​All set to reach Bangalore. I am staying at Bangalore for 2 days for work and then I head to Hyderabad

Day first I stayed at #sasyahomes at HSR layout. I could complete one meeting here.

Bangalore traffic is a pain, looks like half a day you spent only navigating the roads

Day 2 at Abhimanni vasathi

I personally love this place at Rajaji Nagar, Whenever I am in Bangalore I make sure I stay here at least for a day

I could catch up with my friends here and then next day morning I head to Hyderabad

Bangalore - Hyderabad road is wide and smooth. All you need to do is get on to your top gear and keep driving, though navigating from bangalore city to the highway takes more than 2 hours you are very relaxed on the highway

The area is dry and you hardly get to see the nature here. Though you have some good things to see like the up coming Kia Motors factory near Ananthpur. The Iskon Temple near kurnool

I keep heading to the Hyderabad, its about 3.00 PM I stop for Lunch

There is this new place called Amazon Kitchens. If you love spicy food like we Hyderabadi's do then this is place to go

Food is really spicy. I ordered for a fry chicken biryani and to manage the spice a tin of Coke

Was truly a right choice.

From the time I started from Bangalore the Google maps was showing a slow down of 1+ hours usually it take about 7 - 8 hours, today it took me 9+ hours. Got to the know the reason after I entered Hyderabad, the airport flyover was undergoing repairs and hence was closed for public use. I had to take the city roads to reach my destination

This flyover which takes you to the city airport and also is in the beginning and end of the Hyderabad - Bangalore highway is of about 11 kms long. Its is great work by the government to help commute easily to the airport.

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